Tuesday, March 12

Ohhh Sweet People

Sometimes I think if it is better not to make friends with anyone?? Because in the end there is always something weird going on. Or something wrong. I never scorn people due to their race, gender, sexuality, religion and nationality ...

But I am always insulted for those reasons even if I dont imply anything. My mom used to tell me to keep away from non-muslims, kurdish, armenians. but i have friends from each of the sections. At schools we were taught to hate serbians, croatians, greeks, arabs, russians, armenians, israeli people and americans etc because of the saddest history and wars.. Obviously those nations also teach their own citizens to hate Turkish people because they are prejudiced as well. But the most ridiculous thing is that blaming people because of their religion and nation. What to do with nation? If my anchestors had war with yours then does it mean I am a bad person? If my grand grand granddad killed yours then was it my fault? First you need to accept that not only yours but also my ancestors were killed too.. But bigots always think one sided instead of thinking dimensional. War was unavoidable, so was the bloodshed as long as people were stupid, I wish that it never happened but when it happens of course every nation citizens will protect their own country in order to survive
that is the fact. But I dont really blame any person today as we good people are the worst victims of sad events that happened in the past and some of my friends still do as I recognize. Why am I now being charged for the source of terrorism, shedding blood, evils things? Ohh stupid people please change your minds first..

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