Friday, March 29

That Somebody Is Me

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you
Every single night
Somebody hopes someday you will see
That somebody is me...
You will always be in my life
Even if I am not in your life.

I dont really know the reason why is that love matters are that much complicated and painful. You always like someone but s/he doesnt like you back or they ask your friends to date.. Omg it just kills :(

I feel fool. So damn fucking fool.. Because I still expect few things even though I know the consequences bleh..

My relationship with my friends also suck.. I think I feel like going back to deep inside of me and lock myself there.. It is always the same..

I stole it from M's whatsapp.. And I am not deeply sorry for stealing because I liked it and I dont think you will mind right? if you are reading my blog. It is the same for me.. I am being ignored and forgotten... I dont care though. Maybe the fast start madr us tired so we are slowing it down.. I dont know.. I am just mad.. Because anything goes right as I wish it to be.Anyway I will be okay somehow and fix the things on my mind.. It is up to you  to help or not.. I just want to handle with this mess at all.. It is bullying my mind and of course my real life as well.. 
I need to catch my life from somewhere.. Tsss but I am cooling myself off because being warm and sweet dont work on people most of the time.. Stone cold, it is one of my feature :) I am already that way as it is not that hard for me to act distanced if I really want.. Anyway..
Night Night

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