Thursday, March 7

The Sound And The Fury

I know you are reading this right now..
Or you going to read somehow and someday.
So I can rant and rage as much as I want.
And If you dont care then I dont care while I am going anywhere..
I am tired, tired of fighting.. Tired of being judged, tired of being misunderstood, tired of being pushed away. You have no self control, you cant control your anger, you have to reflect and burst out on me right?? You pick ridiculous stuff to feel sensitive... Look girl, I am not responsible all of these shit that has happened to you in your life so why am I paying for it? I have problems to handle with as well but have you ever seen me treating you rude? when did I tell you that "I dont wanna talk?" ... Anyway... Anyway
Thanx for showing me what kind of a person I am in your grace.. Yeah, you are right that I am scary and evil and untrustworthy.. I wont forget your that sentence in audio "I am regret to tell you everything".. Dont make yourself regret more whole through the life then.
You dont need a teacher
You dont need someone pessimistic
You dont need someone negative
You dont need someone honest
You dont need anyone who pokes your wounds...

S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y audios were enough effective to make me notice who I am.

Briefly you dont need me.

So instead of telling me that "delete me, forget me" .. Just do it by yourself if you could find an easier way.

But yeah I forgot that you overcome people so easily as you told me many times.

Sorry for letting you down that bad..
Bye !!!

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