Saturday, March 2

The Worst Will Be Over And We Will Breath Again

I dont really know how I feel right now. Maybe a bit complicated, maybe sad because my friend is sad and she needs silence. But I am sure she will be alright because she is a strong girl. She is the master of riddles. So life picked some people yesterday to be burden and today she was chosen to be put the sorrow. Tomorrow it will be another person, the next day me, the next day any random person..But I know that somehow we will handle and ease the pain by time. I cant talk to her now as she will get mad at me but even she is mad, she is the sweetest caring person ever.. I adore her, I adore her strength and maybe she is aware of it.. I envy her because she has the features that I wanted to have but it is not jealousy, it is admiration.. if I wish something for myself then I always wish something the best for the people whom I adore because when they share their success or happiness with me I feel proud of them by being the happiest...

And I know that someday if I cannot walk to her, she will run to me because she is that type of merciful generous and kind person.. I know her caring heart now.. She proved me maybe many times but I was fool enough not to recognize. But I know now and it is not late to learn..

All I know is that she has a bright future with full of bliss. She will ask how do I know that while reading this entry.. [I am not medium you know, but I didnt share some of my dreams with you] That most of the time in my dream I see her in a green garden/ park/ field while sitting peacefully..

One more thing, she has fear and anxiety but she will be a great mother.. We can never know the prospective husband/daddy but of course he will be a nice man who will make her glad as the way she deserves for the rest of her life.. Omg I wish I could be godmother or how do you guys say, baptise mother? lol I forgot it anyway but well I wish I could be that thing for the kids but but but I am not a christian so :( but in my tradition we give gold to the mother for new born babies, so maybe you guys would let me go jewellery store and offer a special gold bracelet for the little baby.. omg I guess you will really have a baby girl first because I mentioned bracelet first.. But if it is a baby boy then you mother will have such a gold jewellery from auntie Beyza.. I really dont know if you have that kind of tradition.. And I ask for permission to teach them their first, second and third swearing words "fuck" "asshole" "your mom".  LOL you will kill me but you will have little assholes who will curse like me in the end. :DDDDDDD I guess I talked too much..

So bye for now.
*Steals a sweet kiss from your cheek and runs away*
Stupid, I peeled some orange for you by the way. :*

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