Tuesday, April 9

It Feels Like The End

Yeah, this time it is all fucked up. I am tired, really tired.. It crossed the line.. Fuck that damn shit, same thing again and again.. Fuck my trust issues.. Fuck everyone.. Fuck this  system top to bottom.. Yeah put the blame on me while the real fuckers are all around.. Fuck you old creepy men.. What the hell do you want from girls around 20s while you are at the age of my dad ha? You womanizer mother fucker pedophiles, hungry wolves.. Hope all of you die, hope all of you get raped you damn bullshits.. Hope you dont ever exist because you dont deserve any place here on earth.. Fuck this world as well.. Because there is no one nice, everyone is seeking for their own benefits.. Liars, fakers, pedophiles, racists... Fuck all of you...

The more I witness that shit the less I want to live at all.. So God, either take me or just give these idiots some brain.. Well my first wish is more logical so hope I die early before being witness to people's shit more..
Fuck all of you stupids
Fuck all of you bastards
Fuck all of you sons of bitches

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