Wednesday, April 17

Say It Loud

Hello guys,
Omg :((((((((((((((
Why there are these people to make me hate life at all? I am really bored.. I feel I can go back to my bad times because I became wicked to break 2 friends' hearts and I feel fucking proud of it LMFAO.. I know it is not true but I am pissed off enough.

One of them just end up with telling me the dates she is involved without asking how the fuck I am... So I burst out by saying I dont really wanna listen, thanx for asking I am fine too.. She told me I am being mean and what I describe is me after all I told her she is self centered.. Lmfao, at least I say hello and ask how people are instead of ending up with spreading my negative mood. So I got angry and removed her from facebook like she deserved and yeah she was stalking at me so much these days that pissed me off as well. Please be kind at least to say "Hi, how are you?" . My God, do I expect too much  from people? :( I have friends who lack of greeting me.. Is it too much? Come on, please do say that fucking HI before telling all about your life at all..

And the other friend just remembers me whenever she doesnt have someone to go out with.. Ohh  fuck, I dont really care.. I told her I am gonna stay home today and obviously she got offended by saying " all I wanted to meet you.." yeah yeah yeah as if you care my fucking ass blehhh..


Now I understand how shit people could turn out to be..Because they are not the same people who I used to know.. So I dont give a fuck about it then.. Care the one who cares you.. Love the one who loves you. Be with the one who is with you.

Now maybe it is enough to complain ha?

Na naaa...
You dont remember me
But I will remember you.


  1. Karma is a bitch, maybe? The only reason I had no fucking intention to stay friends with you, cause you're so self-centered. You say your friends talk about themselves without asking how you do? But that's exactly how you are! You were flooding with your stories, few pages long, without trying to engage into a both-sided conversation or ask how I were. So congratulations of getting it back on yourself.

    1. I also listened to your long paged stories.. But at least I really ask "hello, how are you?" obviously you stalk at me on my blog too and thanks for having no intention to stay friends as I dont need such friends who are disrespectful..Why are you obsessed with me, I shouldnt be the only target that you focus on. Have a good time, bye

  2. Omg you're so important to be obsessed with, a celebrity :) Get down on the Earth. I just sometimes remember that Beyza you were some years ago and wonder how you are, thinking that maybe I was wrong about making conclusions about you. But coming here and seeing all that shit you spill on people here, how nasty you call them and wish them to die, I'm sure it was worth cutting the friendship with you.

    1. My personal blog doesnt concern you,so I can write whatever I would like to and I dont wish anyone die. I didnt claim that I am super perfect, stop commenting. Thanx