Monday, May 13

Mummy Returns

Today I just came back to talk about few stuff..
Fist of all I need to mention that I am so damn busy these days that is why I dont have time to type even though I enjoy typing..

Life is weird, and it is hard to figure out people.. So I am always on alert to face what a man could turn out to be. All we are humans but still there lives an evil inside us that comes about at an unexpected time.

Some people play on my mind too much and I say aside that: is this the same person I met? I watch them with an open mouth, because they are full of surprises enough to let me down hundred times. Maybe I might be the fool one, giving chance and then chance and chance but nothing changes at all. For sure I am not gonna save the world, who cares?

By the way I met a sweet friend today. She is brave enough to overcome the things she was faced to. We humans get stronger after the long period of pain. Maturity comes with experiences. At least that is what I think so. Anyway she is a cool and helpful vampire and an immortal one :) I am also glad that I would guess what life would bring to me, some friends go and new ones get ready to open themself a good place.. So have a seat.

And I had my dad in my dream early in the morning.. It was very sad that I had to write a letter to my best friend. But she wasnt around so I had to throw it into the trash. I just dont wanna see it again.. I am suffering but I will find a way to survive somehow as I could succeed until today.

I remembered a sentence that dates back to my 16s, yeah almost 7 years ago..
"Dont die before I do."
I already eternized you.
Because everything written stays when the memories fade themself away by time..
A new pure morning..

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