Tuesday, June 18

Spending Time In A Timeless World

Sometimes I wanna be back to my 16s.. I am 23 now.. Physically younger but as a soul I am more than a corpse lol. Yeah I got older and older. Time runs like a racing horse and I cant catch. I really dont know where did the years go..At that age life was fully a dream.. There was no sorrow and there was no pain and nothing to bully my mind. (ofc they all were but they never concerned nor occupied me that much) I didnt know what would I face, I never thought of future nor was I sure what I am gonna become when I completed my teenhood and took my first step to the adulthood. I was just crazy but fully alive and happy, just I made my life's biggest mistake. 'Growing up'.. Like other teens I was curious and enthusiastic, maybe I was in a hurry too. I didnt know haste would make waste.
So these days I get it when I experience more of the things that I cant ever imagine.. That wasnt what I wanted indeed.. I never wanted to be left in conflictions and I never wanted to lose my dreams that I could ever grow up in me..
It is like we used to play with certain amount of legos when we were kids. You have to break one side in other to build another.