Saturday, June 23

I Said Goodbye This Time, I Want No More


I was so high and I was fool not to recognize 
The lies hiding in his eyes

His features that controlled my mind
I kissed last time, wont come again as I got on the bus 
I never wished to return again
But I saw him crying behind

This love has taught me many things so far
He said goodbye too many times before 

And his heart was full of garbage of his own
I made my mind, there was no chance for him, anymore

I tried my best to please his appetite
Sacrificed my each night 
To make him pleased by my side 
He kept playing my love as if a ball
I said, I should do the same
But in the end I was the fool again

Now I never wanna fix the things he broke
I' ll go on my way
Convince him that I am never the same
My presence is on his mind, I know
But no chance, no more
As I don't want him anymore
Cause I said goodbye last time my own,for sure

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