Saturday, June 23

Tips Of the Day

( 1 ) Don't cry to me, if you love me you will be with me

( 2 ) Get out of my sight if you are telling me pack of lies

( 3 ) My each smile doesn't mean that I like the way you act all the time

( 4 ) Don't wase my time with the stuff I don't care about

( 5 ) Utter me sweet and kind words so as to get the same in return and it is the best way to convince me to do something you may wish

( 6 ) If I am gone ... I never come (so don't hurt me)

( 7 ) Don't be enemy with me for your own sake as I have cruel and wild wolf inside

( 8 ) I never let you go unless you want me so

( 9 ) The heaven is where you are

( 10 ) Hug me in silence when I lose my temper, I swear I smile, whenever you do it I will always smile

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