Monday, June 11

If I Could Change Your Mind

            Every single day I open my eyes with the first light of the sun.. I am glad and grateful that I breathe, you breathe and the rest... Peace surrounds my soul and bliss embraces my heart...But from time to time I feel so down, I am unable to help, sorry..I try to cheer myself up.. It is not jealousy, it is the fear of not being able to change your mind !! You seem so unreachable, untouchable.. Is it because I don't have capability to hold or you are such priceless ?? I really don't know.. But probably the second option because in history, who has ever seen a slave holding a gold ?? You are more than gold...More than goddess in myths, More than the beautiful sculpture of Pygmalion.. Therefore I am anxious because I wouldn't want to share, but you know I am still glad, glad as you are okay probably with someone anyway...

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