Tuesday, June 19

Why Do I Love Playing Taboo??

            I don't actually know why, but I love playing 'taboo' as a board game.. There is always something to burst into laughter.. It is funnier if your partner is someone whom you know very well such as your close friend... Time is always running out but there are monents that you expect the rival team to fail but in a sudden moment like this they succeed..Here are some samples...

The word: Erdem (Virtue)
Almost all the related words are taboo and it is really hard to explain abstract things, and time is about to run out
A: the name of xxx's bf ??
B: Erdeemmmm (virtue) 

The word: Contact Lens
Ahahaha I think it was the best memory I could ever have.. One of my friend who was also playing with us was just wearing contact lenses at that time..
A: What does xxx take off every night before sleeping??
B: What, I don't know?
XXX: (thinks that it might be her bra) I don't take it off
B: Her clothes??
XXX: I swear I don't take it off at nights before sleeping..
A: Geezzz I hand in !!! (to xxx) Don't you take off your lenses before you go sleeping ha??

The word: Parachute
This time one of my friend has to draw it as we were playing big taboo..
Basic: Mountain??
He: Nope
Basic: Does it have strings too??
He: Yes, but hurry up time is running out !!!!
Basic: (aside: is it a bra or g-string sth??)

          And here is my dude... XD The most ridiculous thing :D as during play we throw it at each other.. ''poor plush''

The word: Push-up
It was time of plush...My friend was making it push-up in the air..
A: Dancing??
B: Praying??
this time my friend lay it down on the table and keep it pushing up 
A: Knocking the table??
B: Omfg, What the hell this pervert plush doing??? :DDDDDD

The word: Haircut
It was my turn with the plush..I sat the plush legs crossed before me and acting like I cut its hair :D
A: Hairstyling??
B: Shaving??
Basic: almost close B
C: Where is the shampoo?? Are you bathing little purple thing??
Basic: hurry up guys, no time for kidding??
A: Look at those legs, swagger !!!

My partners couldn't guess the simple thing..I wanted to die as If I knew that they are going to focus on legs instead of the head, I would never sit it legs crossed :DDDDDD

If English Language and Literature 

department students played 
              ''Taboo''          ------------>
Of course there are many options !!!

1. Geofrey Chauser: Mainstone of the English Literature
    Victoria Woolf: Shakespeare

2. Jane Austen: The writer of the longest sonnets
    Thomas Wyatt: of course Shakespeare

3. Thomas Hardy: Venus and Adonis, Othello
    Sylvia Plath: Shakespeare

etc etc.. And how ridiculous that they forgot to add ''Romeo and Juliet'' but anyway !!!

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