Sunday, June 17

20 Crazy Things To Do Before Dying

1. Bungee Jumping
2. Travelling all over the world
3. Singing with Amy Lee
4. Walking on the streets naked
5. Crashing a car
6. Swimming in bathtube filled with blood
7. Composing the best love song ever
8. Kicking a guy from unmentioned place
9. Performing one of the Shakespeare's plays
10. Drug (sssshhh)
11. Learning sirtaki dance to break all the plates
12. Jumping out of 5th floor
13. Writing a harsh satire for the person whom I hate
14. Throwing my Pc out of window
15. Wearing like a Lolita
16. Shaving my hair
17. Spending three days on a wheelchair
18. Watching a building to collapse
19. Hacking a person
20. Breaking someone's nose

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