Sunday, June 17

Far From The Madding Crowd

       These days I have been thinking so much about the question 'why people are prejudiced?'. Is it because nobody is similiar with them?? The world is going nut obviously and I feel drowned in narrow-minded, prejudiced and double faced people..But I think I have found the Formula of Peace= Avoid of 3Ps+2Rs and people who always want to talk about them...

                Patriarchal system,

Even the colors symbolize the situation perfectly.. 
  • Red for politics; because people shed blood for the sake of their political ideas..
  • Blue for patriarchal system; because phallic images are always identified with blue but not with red color nor pink.. ( I find it somehow ridiculous )
  • Pink goes to prejudice; as why would be a normal man called as 'homo' if he wore a pink shirt?? That is the prejudice. Have you ever asked why he is wearing pink shirt before categorizing him in the frame of homo ?? Hell yeah, didn't I mention above that  the world is going nut before?? 
  • Religion with green; either you have one or not, it is something holy.. People are in need of believing in something even if it is Cow, Evolution of the Species, Idolatry etc etc .. As being humankind, we have tendency to feel secure in peace..
  • Black and white go tooooo Racism; the world does not only consist of black and white skin colored people actually... Heard of ''The Yellow Race'' and ''Sinophobia'' ???

    All I want is to have peace of mind !!!!


  1. Unfortunately, but religion should be in red too, as it's one of the main reason of bloodshed during the history of humanity

  2. Yeah, you are right somehow but religions are pure, it is people who act good or bad by making religion as an excuse to kill.. so I may make it red+green..