Friday, June 15

What Do You Think You Know All About Me??


       Sometimes having the thing 'courage' costs you too much which may result in terrible events, it is fun though.I do not complain, of course it is not the end of world but whatever goes wrong with me mostly is just because of my being extremely courageous..

       Please do NOT utter anyone around you the sentence '' YOU CANNOT DO THIS !! '' as it is one of the chief leading factor to trigger the most coward person.. Keep the kids out and do NOT let them read the following part... 
       For instance; once I was 3..We were having BBQ and I set my hand on fire and burnt it after hearing the sentence I mentioned above !!!

       Besides I jumped out of my dorm room window (1st floor) when I was around my 17s because of  so-called courage after all my roommate said ''it is not possible to jump''... hehehe

We just listened to our hearts with my bro in law...
Heading for the craziest thing ! Exciting and Excited !!!!

     Helllllll !!! it was too extreme that we were like MOMMMMM !!!!

   Briefly I am so glad that I am courageous although I am in toruble with it from time to time !!!


         Yeah, as you may guess that I have blood disgust.. I am not sure if I should call it blood phobia? But I am not scared, I just pass out when I see blood which causes the people all around me laugh out...Because I am tall and very strong,at the first sight people think I am enduring... But here is a kind of achilles heel.

         How I feel when I see blood?? First, some thoughts flow in my mind and I begin to visualise cutting my wrists.. It makes me feel dizzy, and then I sweat.. My face goes pale so my lips go reddish and then I remember anything (probably passed out). Here is a novel named 'The Surgeon' by Tess Gerritsen.. I couldn't read the book as I passed out when I was 19th page :DDDD so pity and I still keep this book on my shelf...

         Not over yet...Besides I hate hospitals and hygienic smell of them as well..So I really don't know what is going to happen when I might need to have surgery someday...I am just f*cked up.. Anyway !!!


        My frienship concept is a bit different.. Everybody nice could be my friend, but not everybody could be closer to me because I don't open up my heart's doors that easy.. 
   As being a Taurus girl (taurus is protective) , my friendship is very strong.. I am a type of person who protects her friends even if it may make me fall from their grace or unwanted..I am an extremely caring person which makes me feel let down from time to time...

          Friends easy go and come, therefore I am not worried about it that much, because some people should really go so as to open me some vacancy to fill with the new ones, in real life especially the people who hurt us need to go because a person who hurts the other one can never be that person's friend, but enemy... So please don't try so hard to say them GOOBYE.. Don't hesitate, make up your mind and just let them go...
         When it comes to me, I call the person ''near whom I act the way as I am, whom I can trust everlasting, with whom I can share my (secrets, happiness, grief) everything, '' as my best friend. So I only have one best friend. She is my soul because she knows/understands the real person laying in the depth of my core. As I feel her somehow, I am lighter than the clouds over the sky... I cry with her and laugh.. Because she is closer me than my heart !!!

                                       Special thanks to ''Cash''

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