Monday, October 8

Crime --> Punishment <-- JustIS

I think the picture below summarizes how the system works but still I have some words to say ...

Holaaaaa Prison Break !!!
Actually it reminded me of something dates back to 2001.
At that time there was such a stupid law in Turkey that if a husband torments the wife physically police cannot do anything. Couples should be divorced so that police arrest the guilty one.. So maybe it would come to mean that police will only sit with popcorn and stare at them as if a thriller until one of them is seriously injured or dead..

Even few years ago one of the wealthy family's little son who was 17 just killed his gf with saw and put the corpse in bag then left it into trash. He just fled away another country. Although he was sentenced, the trial took more than it was supposed to because of bribery etc then the case was put on the shelf.

Morever feud never ends in Turkey, especially on east and south east lands, mostly the main reason is sexual harassment or rape of girl/women.. It is not even primitive as old clans wouldnt shed blood that much even if they were wild hunters.
Both being a book and movie "Bliss" by Z. Livaneli examplifies the situation in its best way..
The story tells about a girl's unconsciously being raped by her uncle and sent away to be killed by her cousin who did his military service and just returned home. But her cousin even doesnt know the rapist is his own father. Such a sad story but I can tell that it is based on the facts.

On the other hand I am against dead penalty/execution. Strict religious countries such as Iran executes such people. Whatever happens guilty people shouldnt be killed because a person needs to have serious mental illness or ineducated or many psychological reasons to be involved in serious crime at that time..
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