Monday, October 8

Fiesta de Despedida Para Siempre !

I know something is wrong.
I can tell when you lie...
Am I in or am I out?

Can I love you forever through this¿
Can I trust in you forever through this?

Tell me where have you been
Why are you late?
You smell like lipstick again
Come on answer my question
Say something
Why are you acting out?
Or say it is in my head ...

I dont wanna cry
I dont wanna hear your name
If this is where it ends
I dont wanna run
Run away from myself

*You are Spain's white unique flower* said me once upon a time someone rectless passerby...
Then everything sank into the depth of Atlantic while I was watching..
We go back on out word sometimes.
So no "Amore Eterno" anymore...
Get out right now, it is the end of *you* and *me* ....

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