Friday, October 19

Time Ship - Part I

Whole day I have been trying to tidy up my bedroom and I found back the stuff which I was thinking I already lost them.. They all were somewhere, either left behind the clothes or in boxes of course.. All of them made me smile at all.

So welcome to my ship, I am the captain and I will take you such a journey that goes back to 1998s. Ready? Then lets go.

First of all I should mention that I have had many electronic devices since my childhood as I follow technology somehow.

Everthing began when I have founded this

Yeah my braun toothbrush and I never used it though because i wasnt that patient at nights to wait for charging it xD

Here is my first external webcam and modem.. they reminded me of my dad as they were my 13th birthday gift from him :) Probably they are still working.

My first CD when I was 4 :)
#2 - Reel for Real - I like to move it
#4 - Scatman - I'm the scatman
I just remember their rows hehe..

My 2nd CD when I was 7..My favourite was #5 Billy Ocean - Love really hurts without you ^^
Ohh Just noticed that John Travolta is in the album xD

Well, these CDs have such a funny&serious story. I was 8 and went to supermarket to buy newspaper.Market staff just gave me these CDs to watch. I just read "Günlük" (Diary) part and I never checked the picture nor the writing "the diary of a sex addict" on it. If I read I wouldnt understand either. At home I just put it DVD and watched a bit. My sister noticed it and shut the TV. Actually sexual scenes are not shown.

My toshiba satellite..I used it from my 10s to 14s.It is still working and connects internet :D but extremely slow heheh.It has windows97 as I remember.

My Compaq.I used it from my 14s to 17s. It is still working too..It has windowsXP.

My HP. I used it from my 18s to 22s.. it has windowsVista and I really hate it. It works from time to time for 10mins and shuts down hehe..

My Babies, technology came this far within 12 years.

My printer Hp Deskjet 3745.Well it has colorful and black ink section and it is still working although I didnt suit it to my new laptop..I used it from my 15s to 17s.

Another proof for the technology..Highly smaller memory cards.

And remote control of my HP.. Well I was using it while watching movie on my laptop but my pc is not working anymore T_T

From right to left: Turkish, Dutch, Chinese/American plugs.It always makes me crazy, why do we all have to use different plugs? @#$% Upside down pictures are mind blowing right? hahahah

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