Friday, October 19

Time Ship - Part II

Not only computers but also mobile phones took the advantage of technology to benefit :)))) Even electronic device boxes got smaller and became more elite and eyecatching...

So I should mention my mobiles that I have used as well. Either I sold them out or they were just broken that is why I couldnt keep them in the hand but I just searched their online pictures :) it really enjoyed me.By the way this is my 10th mobile which I am currently using.


#1 Gsm mobile

my first mobile was something like this but I couldnt even find its proper had the thinnest external microphone ahah, it really looks like radiophone though.

#2 Ericsson T28

Exactly i had this and it was really cool that I used to love it.

#3 Siemens sl 55

Omg..It was really that small and had an external camera heheh

#4 Nokia 6280 slide

I used to like slide mobiles very much :)

#5 Nokia 6500 slide black

it was my ex bf's gift..But it was broken down so I gave it to service and they couldnt fix it. So they sent it Finland and they couldnt fix it too..So they exhanged it to new one.

#6 Nokia 6500 slide grey

LOL it was the metal color which I was wishing for although my ex gave me black one. Thanx Finland ehehe..

#7 General Mobile

God I must be damn fool to use such an awful mobile after Nokia xD it was heavy and stupid but had pen. It really suffered me as there is no "Silent" vibrates like hell so I had to shut it down during my class time.By the way I lost it for a day then the next day I found it back as it was under a tree where I dropped. Probably nobody wanted so anyone didnt even bother to take it ahahah.

#8 Nokia 5800 xpressmusic

It was my best mobile so far. Lets say it is primitive and the cheapest iphone xD It doesnt support all applications but skype, fring, twitter, facebook, foursquare and whatsapp were working with it.. And the best part of it was extra strong speakers to enjoy music with high quality. Highly enough for me and 3.2 megapixel camera wasnt that bad really, hehehe..

#9 Samsung gt s5620

My bro in law gave it to me. It is not that functional but I liked the widgets. It has strong speaker too. Probably the best samsung which has the sexiest ringtones.My favourite samsung ringtone is "the secret only4U"

Number #10 Samsung Galaxy S III

Well this mobile is such an epic, the first time when I saw it on a stand was in August 20th. But I couldnt have chance to check it out.. Few weeks later my Finnish friend mentioned.I was in between iphone5 and samsung s3 for a long time and I read comparison comments online and made up my mind to buy.Currently I am using and no regrets :D such an awesome smart mobile with awesome features and applications that will surprise you.. The only missing, It doesnt have such cool ringtones and you cant have we♥it as an app xD but it is not such a big deal (but it is for Cashew and me hahah). Anyway, I love my baby !!


  1. Well you can download sum music as a ringtone. ;) And well I think that app will become for Android too.

  2. hehehe yeah I will but I am glad with my ringtone as well..
    really hope so, protesting it otherwise..
    what do you think about Ericsson t28? LOL