Monday, December 31

Paradoxical Nightmares

:'( Morning..Nightmare again and i missed your hugs..I am just trembling trembling all over :(((( My face hurts especially my eyes because in my dream I saw that i was in a hospital and having operation from my eyes.. It hurt a lot :'( I was scraming because of the pain.. They poked sharp things into my eyes and I was tied up on a sickbed.. My hands were tied that I couldnt move and something stratched my eyes so deep that it made me cry out so loud. And hearing my own scream awoke me.. Someone gouged my eyes and I got blinded to darkness.. It was painful.. Painful like hell :'(

Omg I still feel like crying..I dont know if it is subconscious but my eyes really hurt as if soneone fingered my eyes :(
I dont really know if we really live in dreams sometimes or dreams are reflection of our pains while we are sleeping.

My best friend also saw same kind of dream  Oh I really got scared too much :((
Hope that we dont have evil news !!!

That summarizes the event I guess. LOL

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