Tuesday, February 19

Feelingless Feelinglessness Of Feelings

So damn and damn, I could never be a good friend..
I try, I swear I try to do my best, I tear apart myself. 
Then dont you ever recognize that you should let it go.
And I am the one put the blame, but I dont care
Just let it go, dont follow, and dont chase me anymore.
Because I am complicated I could never be that easy at all.
Maybe a bit sweet and mostly bitter but I love the way I am.
I dont need to prove myself to anyone, I dont beg for mercy.
As I saw by myself nothing is eternal, nothing is forever.
Words are erased,promises are taken back easily.
I dreamt so long but they are gone in a short time.
No looking back, no looking forward but just now.
I am bored of feeling scared of losing what I have gained.
So no more gaining to lessen the pain of losing.
Yeaaaaa, yeaaaaaa
Just hurry up and
Stop the time

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