Wednesday, February 20

How Perfect Everything Could Be

Here we go again..
Without the words you utter at all.
I couldnt sleep whole through the night..
And I dont know Why!!!!
Maybe I am just haunted
Or maybe cursed by the people.
Silence at all.
But nothing to gain.
That I cannot bear, but I can shed tears
For nothing.. Nothing serious.
I never understand how it helps.
You say you need me
and then push me with the back of your hand
Pity, pity that I cannot help
But at least I could share the sorrow.
Cuz I need you now and tomorrow.
But you are never there
Or hiding as you do well.
If I could change your mind.
If I could teach, if you could learn
Not to escape but to face.
Of course you cant fake,
Nobody can smile while crying inside
That is not I wanted, that is not what I intended..
Just sharing and caring,
I know I am useless..
I know I cant help
But I can be right over there to share
And you cant even share that.. 
You say you dont wanna lose me
and you cry but you push me.
You take it all away with you,
You wanna be hurt and
you wanna cry all alone
but that is what I cannot allow
that is me
that is my friendship
that is how i dont leave people alone
and I cant wake you from your nightmares
You wanna hit them alone 
but ever seen a person who can handle them alone??

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