Monday, March 4

I Cant Hold On

It is raining right now and I dont wanna get up from the warm bed because I feel frozen.. But suddenly the weather reminded me of a winter time when I was around 9.. It would snow heavily and schools would be off so we would go out and play snowball but it would end up with burying someone into snow and run away homes. The roads would be empty because snow wouldnt let cars move here to there and great fog would cover everythere that I would get scared if a car comes and hits me. I feel like I can hear our screams even now, how cheerful it was and we were peaceful without life anxiety.. When I came back home, the feeling of my cheek's being pinkish :) mom would get angry with me but the home would always be warm to welcome and heat me.. I would love the feeling of wet drops that fall from my head.. It was the best innocence and childhood memories that one could ever have. There was no fake friends, no responsibilities, no grief and no sorrow but only silly childish dreams and nobody would be able to touch to ruin it because I was kid and I would strongly believe what I want by supporting my ideas even if they are ridiculous or meaningless. I wish I could go back in time and stay there forever..

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