Thursday, March 21

What The Fuck With This Lottery


Lets make it in English please. Ssshhhh dont make noise during translation process LOL.
I am just kidding yo sugga butts. It reminded me of Ghetto Butt lol.. One of my friend calls me like that Rofl.

[I confess that I am double faced !!!
One of my side is; warm, sweet/cute , sincere, cheerful... My other side is; cold, sulking, ignoring, unhappy.
It depends absolutely on you which side of my face to see and you really deserve whichever one you see.]


Omg, there should have been such a sign KEEP OUT [skull] he is more sticky than a tub of glue. If I glued the broken things with him I swear they would never fall into pieces again.One more thing that I hate is persistent people.. Why dont you just shut up and go kill yourself somewhere far away instead of bothering me? Hey guys is there any solution to get rid of such people??? please contact me to help.


Maybe I am the worst Rubiks Cupe player. I could never make it, so does it show how dumbass I am? But instead I would tear it into pieces and then combine the pieces back :D yeah man, who has that much time to make it.. :P I dont even bother..


Is not something I get scared of.. People are scarier than the darkness itself anyways. My mind is never free whenever I go to the bed. I just think few hours and that keep me wide awake instead of falling asleep like normal people.. I sleep less than 4 hours everyday which is troublesome and the worst thing is that waiting for falling asleep by myself. Fuck the insomnia..


It is true in a way that I use fuck word a lot in english but I never swear in my mother tongue at all.. By the way my 5th favourite word is not bacon but it was supposed to  be  somehing like fuck again.. Oh maybe fucken at all :D I really dont know, I just love this word and it makes me funnier most of the time [that is what I believe] lololol..


Who treat me like a bitch
Who stab me in the back
Who are fake with me
Who try to give harm to me
Who never respects my opinions
Who dont like me
Who lie to me
etc etc ...
I dont give a fuck, I dont really care either, motherfuckers [opps I already uttered two sentence that has fuck]. For the God's sake get the fuck away from my life as I am already with the people who accept me as the way I am. I dont need to prove myself because I really know what I want, what I have and what am I myself.. I dont worry because it wouldnt make me valueless if you didnt care me. I dont need many friends, I need friends with the best quality and I have.. I really have those people in my life.. Thank you guys for being with me. I love you to the hell and back ♥ 
Now I am seriously done for today... 
Bye bye

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