Monday, April 15

Leave Me Alone

When you dont love me ...
I thought everything's getting better
For us, I even said a little bit prayer,
I have been dreaming for decades.
So I just struggled and struggled and struggled. What for? For something
Shit that I didnt deserve. I didnt at all
Tears on my face, drip drop, drip drop
Sliding silently down from my neck.
Dont you see it is happening again.
You push me out of your life slowly
I am not time's fool yet I recognize
Then why are still you haunting me?
You just killed me hundred times
And want to make sure I am dead
Get out my head and dont suffer me.
I know, you cant do that, because
I have something you want to take
But you cant take me from myself.
Nay no way, I will tear this soul out
But I will never give up on surviving.
Just get out !!!

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