Monday, April 15

Tell Me All The Stories

Sorry for not being able to write some stuff as I attended one of my friend's wedding for about 2 days. It wasnt such a "wowowow" celebration but well made me think how could the organization be if I was gonna marry. Some stuff made me laugh and some stuff made me a bit angry but I am glad that eventually she could marry.

OMG I am very busy that I still have 5 more wedding to join.I guess half of the population of the world will be married in this summer but I still dont have a significant other or someone to date. Probably I will be a single old lady ^_^
I think I learnt how to look like a ghost in the picts xD

My sister on the right and my niece with scarf on left
I and my sister dont look alike right?

Lmfao, we enjoyed a lot.. Even though the atmosphere was boring and it was very crowded and hot.. Never mind we found some ways to enjoy.. And sorry guys there is no pict of bride and groom because I didnt have change to take pict :D my friend was busy with guests and she danced whole through the night.

That look of are you ready to rock this wedding? 


  1. You don't look like a ghost in your pictures at all. In fact you look pretty good :)
    Yes you and your sister don't look alike. You are more beautiful. (Don't tell your sister) ;) ;)