Friday, October 3

I am coming Home

It has been such a long time that I havent written any blog thus far on blogger even though I have been writing blogs on Kat..
Yeah kat is a kind of torrent site and I was having a good progress there until few days ago.. Baaam I got deleted (briefly my account's gone for good).. I dont know if I should care or not however I feel upset indeed.. Because I spent so much time there and made so many friends..

Recently no one seems to understand me or maybe I am getting introverted by time.. So all I am doing is just picking an anime and watch.. I watched around 15 episodes of Toradora today.. It was such a nice story..

Maybe you got curious? I dont like anime nor I am fan of them ... Also I can say that I am not an anime addict (Thank God) but from time to time I watch.. Especially the days whenever I feel I am fucking down.. Watching them doesnt make me feel good indeed but it makes me pass the time.. One more hour.. One more day.. And one more month.. You know...

By the way, I didnt have time to check whatever I have been sharing on my blog over here.. but for sure I have experienced so many sutff..
Actually I didnt really like the theme and fonts of my blog.. Damn, I dont know why I was really ignoring it but it began to disturb me already.. Maybe I should install a new background and play with the font size and color settings.. Blegggghhh..

Anyway.. I will try to keep writing again but I fear of ignoring because I have to study and I am working at the same time.. Also got a bf who I have been dating for about 6 months..

Wheewww.. We will see..
Have a nice day

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  1. Hello Hope. I was wondering why I don't see any of your blogs on KAT. I had connection probleme during all october thanks to TTNET. Now I have access to KAT but no sign of you. Did not know you have beden deleted. That is unfair.